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Years Commuting:



Mount Pleasant, Kitsilano, Downtown.


Depends on the weather conditions – either a Kona Kula hardtail mountain bike or a Specialized Roubaix road bike.

Recommended Gear:

Gloves, helmet and proper clothes for the day (e.g. rainwear).

Words of Wisdom:

Be prepared is the key to success, especially remembering all the clothes you need for work. I mentally dress myself from the feet up each day to make sure I don’t forget anything (e.g shoes, socks, pants etc). It’s pretty hard to look professional when you forget your dress pants and have to wear workout pants all day at the office!

Other Useful Info:

Ride with someone first to figure out the best route, use the bike lanes when you can – guaranteed to make you feel safer. Figure out where you are going to leave your bike – e.g. does the building have a locker, can you bring it into the office etc? Ask others you work with about bike commuting. You might get some good tips! Remember you are setting an example for others, especially children if you have them.