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Mid 40s

Years Commuting:



West Vancouver: Caulfeild, West Bay, Dundarave and Ambleside. Stanley Park causeway, downtown section of Coal Harbour to Howe St.  West Van to Dunbar, downtown to Burrard and 16th.


Front suspension mountain bike – Brodie Fury 2007. It is a little on the heavy side, but as solid as a rock and really comfortable. It gets very little TLC, I barely remember to oil the chain, but it has never let me down. I frequently load this bike up with 20 to 30 lbs of shopping in the side panniers.

Recommended Gear:

Lights, cable for locking bike up (you never know when you want to stop and do a bit of shopping), bell, backpack or panniers.

Words of Wisdom:

Don’t worry about how drivers or other cyclists behave, for every bad one there are 10 good ones. I am always amazed at the courtesy of drivers if I show a little respect. Obey the traffic rules, stop at red lights and stop signs. Avoid the busy sections if you can, even if the route isn’t as direct and might take a bit longer. Avoid manhole covers or grates in the road, they can be slippery when wet.

Other Useful Info:

The closet ‘shaves’ I have had cycling are from cars pulling out from an intersection on my right. The closer you are to them the less likely they will see you because they are looking too far down the road instead of just a few feet away. Pulling out in front of cyclists and opening car doors into traffic are the next common dangers. When I cycle along the narrow, windy sections of Marine Drive in West Van I always pull over and let the buses go past, or if there are 2 or 3 cars waiting to pass me. It’s not a race and I am never challenging myself to beat my previous times.